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Our Mission

Magnum is a family owned business specializing in printing services on paper material. Using our expertise, we provide hassle free and creative printing solutions to clients worldwide.

Our Values

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Our clients

Magnum believes our business growth depends on our clients’ growth. Therefore, we equally allocate our resources to our clients’ business development as to our own.

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Our Staff

Magnum keeps expanding and we are one big happy family. Our staff is our biggest asset. We emphasize no lay off / no pay cut policy in the recession. Our turnover rate is always low. To encourage continue improvement, we provide all kind of trainings to our staff in all levels.

Our Vendors

Magnum cherishes our trust worthy relationship with our vendors by ensuring on time payment and fair trade.

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Our Community

Magnum encourages our staff to participate in different kinds of social services including local and Asian charity work. Magnum management also participates in the local industry committee for promoting Asian printing to the world.

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Our Environment

Last but not least, Magnum feels the responsibility to protect and preserve our environment. Our printing business is not just about profit making. It is about sustainability and to create a better tomorrow. Magnum makes sure all chemical pollutants created in our factory are minimal, our ink has no VOC and paper is not from illegal deforestation.