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Equipment List
2 colours Perfector print press

Convertible to 1c +1c. Most suitable for printing novels, educational materials, bibles and financial reports.
4 colours print press

They can do most 4C + 4C printing books
5 colours Print Presses

Sometimes 4C is not enough, our 5 colours print press enables additional PMS colour or multi-version / multi language, which requires to change black plate.
6 colours Print Presses

This machine is specialized in printing full size (up to 40" x 56") paper. It allows 4C plus 2 PMS colour printnig and aqueous in one process.
8 colours Print Press

Apart from printing 8C at one time, it can be converted to 4C + 4C, which production time can be reduced by more than 50% when compared to 4 colour print press. We are accustomed to working on short turn-around times to meet your schedule constraints, especially for magazines and financial journals, which require demanding time-lines.