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Packaging Products

Magnum has over 20 years experience in packaging printing. Our advancement in technology and professional knowledge grows along side with the ever increasing market demand. Our experts and sourcing team ensures our material and production line meets the highest efficiency and allows the most competitive pricing.

Commercial packaging printing

Commercial Packaging

Commercial packaging is always the most competitive among all the packaging sectors. Clients not only need a reliable printer, but they also require a creative packaging team who can help them to develop something unique in order to allow their products stand out form the crowd. Our expertise in packaging not only allows our clients to minimize cost, we also take part in various processes, from packaging design to material safety compliance. Together, we ensure the end products meet our clients’ high yield needs.

Toy Packaging

Toy packaging occupies 70% of our production capacity. There are usually manuals come along with this type of boxes. To allow both thick and thin paper printing for the toy industry, Magnum complies with the ICTI international standard and installed varieties of printing presses to maximize flexibility and production quality.

Toy Packaging

stationery printing

Leisure & entertainment product

In the past 10 years in providing print services in this sector, Magnum has developed a consultation team especially for giving creative and production advice to our clients on how to save cost and shorten the production lead time.

Luxurious gift box

Fully utilizing our sourcing team in China, together with our product engineers, quality controllers and our skillful labors, Magnum produces complex gift boxes using unique materials. Thanks to our quality control team and our sourcing experts, Magnum allows uniqueness and premium quality in your products in a very cost effective way.

gift packaging printing

stationery printing

Food packaging

Our first priority is to ensure food safety for the end users. Magnum complies with food packing production protocol, ISO regulations, led free and toxic free production line, ROSH, soy base ink, pollution free workspace, FDA and other tests and regulations for food packing.